Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Law to Rule Over All

[update Feb/26/2015] The article below was written shortly after I understood the implications of the gravitational interaction formula that I derived from the axiom set of QGD. It makes extraordinary claims most of which at the time were not supported. Since then, some experiments were conducted which confirm some of QGD’s predictions and provide some evidence. Still, as Carl Sagan said “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” The evidence is not extraordinary yet, but some new experiments, the upgraded LIGO for one, will either provide the extraordinary evidence required to support the claims by 2017 or will altogether refute QGD. Until then, if you are interested in understanding the basics of QGD, read An Axiomatic Approach to Physics.


where we have the mass of objects a and bd, the distance (all expressed in QGD fundamental units) and k, the proportionality constant between the only two fundamental forces predicted by quantum-geometry dynamics. From this simple equation one can describe gravity, the strong and weak interactions, the electromagnetic interaction, the dark matter and dark energy effects, the mechanisms responsible for nuclear decay, the formation of massive structures, the island of stability of particles and nuclei, redefine our notions of the nature of mass, energy, momentum and much, much more; all of which will be shown to be either particular solutions of the above equation or directly derivable from it.

After months of hard work, my book Introduction to Quantum-Geometry Dynamics; a response to Hilbert’s 6th Problem, is done. There is still a lot of work ahead, but I believe the ideas I introduced in this first volume are a good start to resolving a number of unsolved problems in physics (the last chapter proposes solutions to the most known problems).

I sent the draft to a few trusted friends, brilliant people who I have had the privilege to correspond with this passing year; string theorists, one of the founders of loop-quantum gravity, a condensed matter physicist, two mathematicians and a few others. Since the book is aimed at the science educated public, I want to make sure that the theory is presented in as clear and understandable way as possible.  If you are part of the target readership and want to know more about the theory, I would be more than happy to know your thoughts and suggestions.

Should you be interested in knowing more about quantum-geometry dynamics, just download my Introduction to Quantum-Geometry Dynamics.

I will post more on the topic of quantum-geometry dynamics later.

Daniel L. Burnstein

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