Monday, June 15, 2015

How Does QGD Explain the Orbital Decay of Binary Systems?

Note: The following assumes a basic understanding of quantum-geometry dynamics (QGD) as presented in An Axiomatic Approach to Physics.

General relativity explains that the decay of the orbits of binary systems results from loss of energy emitted as gravitational waves. Gravitational waves are key prediction of general relativity and though they have never been observed directly, the decay of the orbit of binary systems is understood to provide indirect evidence of their existence.

It is then understandable that the most common argument against quantum-geometry dynamics’ exclusion the existence of gravitational waves comes in the form of the question: “How then can it explain the observed decay of the orbits of binary systems?”

If QGD’s description of gravitational interactions is correct, it must account for the behaviour of all gravitationally interacting systems and in particular the dynamics of binary systems.

We will explain here how the observations of the orbital decay of binary systems are consistent with the predictions of QGD.


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