Saturday, February 13, 2016

Could the LIGO have picked up some seismic activity?

Did some preliminary calculations today using QGD’s equation for gravitational interactions and it appears that the differential in magnitude of the interaction with a binary system along the length of the arms would be too small to give the signal that was detected by LIGO.

I’m starting to think that LIGO detected some seismic activity. The pattern of the signal, frequency and amplitude would fit seismic activity very well and that would explain why the two LIGO detectors saw the signal and explain the differences between the shapes of the individual detections. Should this be the case, taking into account the delay between the detections by the two observatories, the propagation speed of the seismic activity, it may be possible to pinpoint the source.

Hope some geophysicist friend will have time to look into it.

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